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Sunday, February 8, 2009

New addition to the poochie girls clan

After months of researching breeders online and debating the pros and cons of a new addition to our "poochie clan", I came across Jewels Cockers ' website and knew I had found our breeder. At the time I starting corresponding with the breeder, her champion Sierra was pregnant. The pups were born on January 14 and today we met these three little precious puppy girls for the first time.

I initially wanted a black dog, mostly because Sierra - the mom - and her daughter Diamond are absolutely gorgeous black cockers, but upon seeing the litter, the tiny black and tan girl caught my eye and stole J's heart. She was tiny at birth and likely would not have made if it weren't for the constant care of our breeder.

Mikaela - 3 weeks old

Mikaela - 3 weeks old